Friday, August 19, 2011

patient monitor

I worked in the nursing home and if we have a patient that is in critical condition we really make sure that we monitor his/her vital sign every now and then. if only we have patient monitorthis, it will definitely make our work more easier to do. Well i see some of this machine in the hospital and i think it really helps the nurse to monitor their patients vital sign. if you happen to own a medical office and is looking for vital sign monitor, then this website is definitely a website for you.

I am not yet ready!

yesterday was the teachers meet the parents day. i can really tell the excitement on my elijah face knowing that he is going to meet his teacher and he did really well at school. its just a matter of minute he manage to make friends and have fun!.Well now, I am certain that my boy is so ready for school. Me in the other hand is not. I dont know what I'm gonna do without elijah around. I will surely missed him. He helps me a lot when it comes to taking care of his brother. Now, that he start going to school i will surely missed the helped he lend to me. but he deserve to enjoy have fun.