Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Isaac is maybe too heavy for me to carry?

I noticed that every time i carry my 22 mos old son, the little creature inside my stomach will immediately kick me. I dont know why but maybe my son is too heavy for me to carry and it will make the baby not comfortable inside? Sometime i want to cuddle and carry my son specially if he cry and in pain but i just cant do it for long specially if i have a little baby inside my stomach who will keep on kicking me. I am just lucky i have my mom with me because i can now see that i will surely got a hard time taking care of isaac while being pregnant

tired of checking my sugar!

I am tired of checking my blood sugar 4x a day and every check it not that painful but still it is painful.  I have 6 more months to do it and I am praying that i can last that long. how i wish somebody can find a way to check your sugar a little painless. well i have to do it for my baby. I need to make sure that my sugar is just right. not too low and not to high. just right. I can feel it too. if my sugar is 90 below i start to feel unease so i have to it a little and it will eventually make me feel better. it is hard when you are diabetes and you're carrying a baby. it is not really me who get affected but the little creature inside me. therefore, i will do everything to make sure everything is fine and I am sure God will do the rest.

buy little castle here

If you become a mom, decorating your baby's room is like heaven for you specially if you are a first timer mom. I can feel the feelings. I can still remember the excitement i had when i had my first born elijah. and now that i will be a mom of three the excitement did not listen, it is still the same. I am hoping for girl this time and if God will grant our prayers i will be the happiest mom:). Well you soon to be mom out there! if you are planning for buy a little castle chair for your little prince or princess room then you may buy little castle here.have fun and enjoy!

The baby is BIG!

I just have my 12 weeks visit to my doctor and as expected the baby is growing so fast means the baby is big. As what my doctor told me, the baby is 4 days bigger or 4 days advance. I am kind of worried. I dont want to have a c-section at the end. Right now, I did my part  and strictly follow my diet and hopefully this will help. I will have my next visit sept 12 and I am praying that the baby will be back to normal.It is not that i dont want him to grow but i just need him not to grow so big. I am in the other hand excited to see him or her few mos from now. 

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Excited for my 12 weeks visit!

i cant hid my excitement for my 12 weeks visit next week. i cant wait to see the baby and see her or him in that small monitor in the my doctors office. This is my 3rd one but I am still excited to find out how my baby doing. I think the baby is doing good since i have a terrible morning sickness with this pregnancy. I pray for a girl this time and of couse a healthy one too..

student desks for school

If the school near you are looking for student desks for school or maybe you are incharge of shopping for it, well i think i just found the right website for you to visit. this website called The website is your one stop shopping website for they have all the kinds of chair that your school need. Well if you have a student and might want to get a desk or chair for your kids at home, the website is perfect for you to. I have a 1st grader and i think i will get him a chair in which he can sit and do his home work and any of his school activities. I am tired of seeing his things laying around the house. I think the chair will make our house look a little bit tidy.

my morning sickness is not morning sickness

Seriously, I dont know if have to called it morning sickness when it happen in the afternoon around 5 PM. The reason why it called morning sickness is because, i will happen in the morning right? but not me. I think this is afternoon sickness..hehehe anyway, I am tired of it. I am tired of feeling sick and feel like i have to throw up. I cant wait for my second trimester in which i will feel better again. But on the positive side, if you are having morning sickness means the baby is healthy which I am thankful to God.

very Hot!

I grew up in a hot country. I tell you, in the philippines we donthave winter. the weather is always warm or hot but i just cant handle the crazy weather here in texas. Yesterday, we reached to 107 degrees. the highest so far since i arrived here in texas and boy i cant tell you how much i hate it. you cant even step outside without sweating. well i go out in the morning when it is not hot and stay in the house the rest of the day. i felt sorry for those people who worked on the road without a shade on their heads. I think i can officially said that I am ready for winter to come. ahh few more days to go.

church pews chairs

Most of us are church goers right? and you know helping your church make look good is not bad at all. That's why if you friends been thinking of buying your church a church pews chairs or maybe your church is planning to buy a new chairs for the church, make sure you let them know to visit this website Pretty much the website has every kind of chair you church will surely need. i checked the website and i love the looks of their chairs so far.I even found the same exact chair we have in our church.Now you know where to go the next time you shop for church chairs.