Tuesday, July 19, 2011

No more DEPO!

I am serious, no more depo for me. This birth control injection does not give me a negative side effect physically, infact, it even help me lose some weight but boy, it ruined me mentally and emotionally. I noticed that i sometimes very depressed and so paranoid. i think a lot of negative stuff and i think it is the side effect of DEPO. Therefore, i decided to quit using it and just find another way for me to use so that i wont get pregnant. whatever it is, i dont know for now but i will surely make sure that i wont get pregnant soon.

Address Plaque

Having a clear and readable number of your house and address is really important specially the number of our house. I hate it when i go to the certain house and got a hard time looking for a house number. Well we are not excuse with this one too. our house is not actually readable specially at night. I even talked to my husband to change it or repaint it to make it clear specially at night. Emergency can happen and it is really important to have a peace of mind that the police or ambulance will be able to find our house easily because our house number is clear to read even at night. Well speaking of house number, this website addressplaques.net offers Address Plaque in a very affordable price and i am really thinking of getting one from them too. You can even customized your own address plaque. if you own a business and you want people to easily find you, then you really need to give the website a visit right now. Not only that you get what address plaque design that you want, you will also be able to save a lot of money.

I finally have it!

After two months of not having my monthly period, I was very happy to finally have it last monday. I start to get paranoid and take some pregnancy test almost every week thinking that I might be pregnant. My second son is only 9 mos and i dont want to have another kid sooner. I even plan of not having a kid again. I am happy and so contented with my two boys. Therefore, it was really a relief to know that I am definitely not pregnant. i was really scared and cant even think of me being pregnant too soon. Thank God I am not pregnant:)