Friday, September 24, 2010

Be more organized!

If you want to organized a event specially a big one, you really should know on what to do to control the crowds. I have been to a lot of big events and i tell you, some of them are just chaos. Not organized at all. It sure make me want to get my money back and just go home and sleep. I hate it when people wont care at all or should I say if the people that organized the event wont care at all on how to control the crowd.

Well, if you friends happen to organized a big event and need something to help you control your visitor and the crowd you really need to get yourself this crowd control equipment such as stanchions, or maybe velvet rope or barricades. These are the tools that can definitely help you control your crowd and be more organized. And if you dont know where to get these items, just simple visit this website you can find the items in there and can even get it in a very affordable price.

Stanchions, velvet rope and barricades can also be used in stores or any places that has a lot of people. As you can see, if you visit tj max and other stores, they have this crowd control equipments at their stores. I think that is one of the reason why i love going to that store because they are more organized and you will really know where to go for you to check out.I really think each stores should get this items to control the traffic of their customer when its time to check out!

Today's Scripture!

“Keep me as the apple of Your eye...” (Psalm 17:8, NIV)

In this day and age, people are considered to be important for so many different reasons—titles, position, possessions, where you go, what you drive. But God’s value system is very different from the value system of the world. God cherishes and values you so much today simply because He made you. You are the apple of His eye; the center of His world! If you’ve ever thought that God has too many other important things on His plate to be concerned with you and your life, know this today—you are God’s number one priority. And there’s nothing you can do to be more important or less important to Him. He values you today and your value will never change. You are significant. Your life is significant. The things that concern you, concern God. He carefully watches over every detail of your life, and there is nothing too big or too small for His attention. Today, don’t be afraid to take your concerns and cares to the Father. He loves to hear you call upon Him. He is waiting to show Himself strong on your behalf.


Father in heaven, thank You for loving me today. Thank You for keeping me the apple of Your eye. I open my heart and mind to You and cast every care on You. I receive Your love for me. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Just the other day, my husband made a comment how ugly are my black heads on my face. I was really mad and was determined of getting them out on my face once i give birth to my son. I am scared to used any chemical product right now for the reason that i dont want to hurt the baby. Well, few more weeks to go and i can do something with this blackheads that i have on my face. And I already know what to do. I found this blackhead treatment product at this website will definitely try using this product and hopefully this will help me have a blackheads free face.

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I know a lot of people and some of them are even my friends that wanted to lose weight. I could not blame them. Being fat is indeed no fun at all. I am so big right now and I dont like it. I will surely try my best to lose all the weight that i gained in this pregnancy. Now, talking about losing weight, some people would rather want to use this what they called all natural fat burner. I think it is because the product is more effective and really works. If you are one of them and is looking for a place to get more information about it, you really need to click here. the link will lead you to the website that has tons of viable information when it comes to natural fat burner. you will really be thankful that you visit the website.

He dont like to be grounded!

My son really hated to be grounded. Well, if he is grounded he could not do anything for one whole day. No ipod games and computer games but he can watch his show. He really dont like it but still he keep on doing things that i dont want him to do like disobeying to what i told him to do. I dont like to punished him too but i need to for him to learn. I think it is working. at least he know that if he is a bad boy and wont obey mommy, he will surely get a punishment.

weight loss supplements

I went to my doctors visit yesterday and my doctor said that i already gained 30 lbs of this pregnancy. the baby is only 4 lbs and i gained the whole 26 lbs by myself alone. So, it means that i have to lose at least 30 lbs of weight for me to get back to my normal weight before i get pregnant. I know losing weight is not easy.I experienced that when i was pregnant with my first child. Now, I know that i really need to take some weight loss supplements if i need to lose my fats fast. This would be my first time taking it and I am thankful that I found this website in which i can visit and read the customers review for me to know the best weight loss supplement available in the market and which one works best too. I am excited. I am excited to give birth to this baby and start losing weight.

what is the best diet pill

Most of us wanted the best. A lot of people would ever willing to pay a lot of money just to get the best product they wanted. And when it comes to diet pills, of course we also wanted the best right?For me,I wanted to get a product who has the best price and also the product that really works. Well, if you wanted to see the what is the best diet pill product available in the market right now, you should give this website they have comparison of the best diet pills available in the market right now. from the prices to their effectiveness. A good website to visit if you want the best diet pill for you.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Daily Readings!


"No one can know a person's thoughts except that person's own spirit, and no one can know God's thoughts except God's own Spirit" (1 Corinthians 2:11, NLT)

When we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, God's Spirit becomes one with us and makes His home in us. Because He actually dwells in us, His thoughts and His power dwell in us. One of the ways God empowers us is through our thinking, our imagination. He wants to empower our minds because our thoughts set the direction for our lives. If we think God's thoughts, we will get God's results in our lives. How do we know which thoughts are God's? Hebrews 4:12 tells us that the Word of God will make it clear. When your thoughts line up with His promises, you can be sure that you are thinking His thoughts! Today, choose to focus on God's thoughts. Let Him empower you through your union with Him. Meditate on the Word and confess His promises over your life. As you continue thinking God's thoughts, you will see God's results and live the life of victory and blessing He has prepared for you!


Father God, today I submit my mind, will and emotions to You. I choose to align myself with Your Word. Thank You for filling me with Your Holy Spirit and empowering me to live the life of victory You have in store for me. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

fat burning exercise

Losing weight is not easy. I know most people would want to lose weight but just dont know what to do. Some of the people would try to take diet pills but their are some who are scared to take medicine and would rather exercise and diet to achieve their desired weight and body. If you are the kind of person that would rather exercise to lose weight and wanted to gain muscles,then this fat burning exercise at this website can definitely help you.The website has available products that will teach you the right way on how to burn your fats and gained muscles.All you have to do is give the website a visit right now. you can also read their customers review at the website and see for yourself the other people's experience.

car insurance quotes

If you own a car here in the USA, you sure need to have your own car insurance. accident can happen anytime and it is really ideal if your car is insured. At least it would not be hard for you to fixed it if it get damage from accident. Now, if you are looking for the perfect car insurance for you that will fit in your monthly budget, i think you need to give this website a visit and get your own car insurance quotes from them.If you think that you are paying too much in your car insurance, then the website can definitely help you find the right and perfect insurance for you.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Sweet potatoe pandesal

I have been craving for my favorite rolls in the philippines. I am not the kind of person that loves to cook but i need to if you lived thousand miles away from your country. Well, i found the sweet potatoe pandesal recipe online and wanted to give it a try. My bread turns out good when it comes to taste but boy, they are really huge. My husband was laughing when he saw my doughs. Ohh well i dont wanna throw it. it is not for sale though so i dont care if they are huge. They going to be the same shape when it arrives to my stomach. it is not only me who love the bread but also my son. He already et 4 huge piece of my rolls and still wanted to eat more. Now, my rolls are almost out. we only have few left for tomorrow.

flash drive

I am so happy to finally found the kind of usb flash drive that i wanted. I love to take pictures and i really need a flash drive for it. I already lost a lot of cute pictures of my son when he was little. now, that I am pregnant again, i will definitely make sure that i will have my own flash drive before i deliver the baby. I want to make sure that i have enough room to store my pictures and not lost it if when my computer got virus.That is actually one of the advantage if you store your files in a flash drive. you can bring it with you wherever you wanna go and used it anytime you wanted.

Code Red!

I got a phone from our denton county emergency allert today that we are having a code red alert for the weather .Severe thunderstorm is coming and they wanted the people to know for them to try to just stay inside the house for safety. Well I am not planning of going out though. the rain is pouring so hard outside and i hate driving in the rain. So i would rather stay at home and enjoy watching my show. My husband in the other hand is so very hard headed. We already get a code read alert and here he is, still want to go out and play basketball with his friends. I told him maybe his friends wont play today because of the weather. Well, he never listen to me. He'll come home if he found out that he is the only one in the basketball court. Well the gym is just close to our house so I am not worried of him driving in this kind of weather.

custom labels for your company!

If you own a company, you sure need to have a custom labels for your products or maybe any properties that you company own. This way, you can let the people know that your company own that product or property. It is also a kind of advertisement specially if the people like your product. They wanna know who made it and would wanna make sure that they get the same item with the same company. As a buyers, If i love that item, i usually checked the name of the company first. I wanna make sure that i get the same item in the same manufacturer. then, i can be sure that i got what I want.

Therefore, if you are a company owner or maybe just started a business and need somebody to do your custom labels for your company, you sure need to visit this website They can definitely help you. Data Graphics Inc. pretty much can do all kinds of custom labels whether if it is for Industrial,commercial or maybe military used. and of course they will do your labels exactly the way you want it.

By visiting the website you can see the sample of their works. you will surely be impressed when you see it.if you also have some questions, you can also give their website a visit and they will definitely help you get the answer you need.

Comfortable scrubs uniform for you!

If you are a nurse,CNA or maybe care givers, you sure do need scrubs uniform to wear at work. I do understand how hard it is so find the perfect and comfortable scrubs for you to wear. I am not a nurse nor work in any medical field that require to wear scrub uniforms but I used to accompany my friends that are a nurse when they shop for their uniforms. We will spent at least hours in the store before she can pick the perfect color and the kind of clothing she wanted to buy. plus, most of my friends are skinny and sometimes the store dont have any available sized that will fit for them. The reason why, every time they found scrubs that will fit them , they 'll buy it all.

Today, I am so excited when i happen to visit this website If you are a nurse, caregivers or if you work in the place that requires to wear scrub uniforms or medical coats, this website is definitely for you. The website offers scrub uniforms that you would love to wear. Not only that their product are made with a high quality of clothing material to make you feel comfortable but also their scrubs will make you look good and beautiful.

If you are like my friends that always got a hard time looking for the perfect scrubs uniform for them, the website is the answer to your problem. The website offers this custom scrubs in which you friends can customized your own scrub uniform the way you want it. No need to spend hours in the store just to look for the perfect scrub uniforms for you. All you have to do is just give the website a visit.

I am excited to tell my nurse friends about the website. I am sure they will be happy and will really love the product the moment they saw their scrubs for women at the website.