Friday, June 22, 2012

body scrubs

if you friends are looking for the best body scrubs that will really works and will make your skin soft after you used it, then i think you really need to check this body scrub from this website The website's product was almost all rated 5 stars by its users which is really mean their product is really good. Well I know when it comes to beauty product, people would not mind about the price as long as it works right? and I am sure will really work!

Expecting again!

After the grand vacation in italy for 17 days, we finally have our third baby on the way. We did not planned it but we did not also do anything for us not to get pregnant again. We have been wanting a baby girl so i said to my husband to try one more time and maybe the third baby will be a baby girl. but even if it is another boy, we will do everything not to have another baby. Well God has its own plan but we decided to only have  3 kids and that's it! whether it is a boy or girl: I am kind of excited though:)