Wednesday, February 24, 2010


lately, i felt really tired. I dont know why but i feel a lot of body pain. Well, it is maybe because i sit too much infront of my computer working or maybe i just need to exercise. Whatever it is, i need to do something about it..Well, i have to get up and do some chores in the house. I need to do the laundry, clean the dishes and vacuum our house. Am trying my very best to do all those things today. And hopefully, my laziness wont strike me:)

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With the kind of life we have right now and with the kind of diet that most of the people had, i think it is ideal for each of us to exercise. Not only that it will help us lose some weight but also, it is good for our heart. Now, talking about exercise, have your friends try using this nordictrack audiostrider 990 pro? This is a kind of exercising machine that most of us should have. I know not all of us can afford to go to the gym or maybe dont have time to go there. Some of us just wanna do our exercising in the comfort of our house. Well, the machine mentioned above is indeed a big help for you. If you are interested, you can give the website a visit right now and check the machine and see if it is what you are looking for.:)

24 hour towing

Once you strat driving, you can really deny that sooner or later your car will get old and will get you a head ache. I remember when I first came here in the US. me and my husband was stocked in the middle of the traffic because of his jeeps engine died. Of course we have to call somebody to help us. Good thing towing company is just a call away. Well friends, the next time your car broke down and you need somebody to call for help, dont forget to call this 24 hour towing company called goodsamers. As what I have just said, they will help you and they be reach 24 hours. So, if you needed their help even in the middle of the night, dont be hesitate to call them and they will come for your help.

trying making pandesal

My mom in law was so kind enough to give me my own bread maker last christmas and for the first time i got a chance to used it. I have been wanting to try making pandesal but i requires bread maker machine. Now, that i have one i cant wait to have a taste of it. the machine was indeed so very simple to used. Few minutes from now, i can have a taste of my own made pandesal:)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

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Each of us need to take a vitamins. Specially to those people that dont watch what they are eating. With the kind of foods we have right now we cant really make sure that we get all the vitamins that we needed. This is the reason why each of us should take a vitamins at least a day. Anyway, have you men out there tried this vitamins for men? this vitamins is made for men. well, if you have not yet tried it and wanted to know more about it you are free to visit at this website and see how this vitamins can help you stay fit and healthy as men:)

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I miss them:)

I miss my family back in the philippines. I know its just been months since the last time we visited them but then for me it is like years already. I missed my mom. I missed the filipino foods. I missed my friends but what can i do? i need to be with my family and I loved my husband and son more that i love my family and friends back home. Though i missed them very much i will still rather stay here and be with my son and husband and have fun with them. I cant wait till our next visit to the philippines again. I know it will be years from now but am really looking forward to it:)
Having that acne on your face is indeed not pleasant to any eye that will look at you. As soon as my husband saw an acne on my face he cant help himself but to make a comment. So, i know the feeling of being mocked because they dont like what they saw. Not only that the acne is an embarassment but also it does not feels good at all.

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Tomorrow is my first wedding photo shoot. Well i am kind of excited at the same time scared. Well this is going to be my first time and of course i will give all my best on taking pictures but i have not yet tried taking outdoor pictures since i started my business. So, it is kind like a new experience for me to take. hopefully God will help me and i will be able to do a good job. We will see..I have been reading and watching all the wedding pictures that was taken by the pro photographer.. I know practise makes perfect..I think tomorrow is kind a like practice for me and we will see how my works do..

I know all of us been trying to stay fit. Once you gain weight it is indeed hard for you to lose it. I thought before that when i gain weight it will be easy for me to lose it but i found myself wrong. Well friends, if you have done everything and still did not see any result i think it is about time for you to try this best weight loss supplement that can be found at this website How knows this is the product that you have been looking for. I am sure it feels good to look skinny and sexy and maybe this product is the only way to be in the body that you wanted to be:)

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Life is kind of occupied right now. I get myself busy studying and taking pictures.. As what i mentioned in my last post, I just started opening my own photo studio. so, the studio indeed keep my hectic schedule really busy. I dont have much customer but i do spent most of my spare time studying and learning how to edit the photos using photoshop. It was indeed challenging at the same time fun. I love my job right now. I love the challenge and the opportunity for me to learn new things each day. This is also the reason why i dont update this blog most often:)