Wednesday, March 23, 2011


last night was a terrible night for me. I was having a toothache and I just could not sleep because of the pain. I have an antibiotic for it but I am scared to take it because of the reason that breast feed my little one Isaac. We'll i woke up like 3 o clock and took two tablets of ibuprofen. and thank God the pain eventually gone and i was able to sleep until 9. I am also happy that my isaac is a sleeper too. He definitely give his mommy some time to rest.

body acne

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Almost done!

Finally I am almost done with my general cleaning. my inlaws will be coming to our house this weekend for my Isaac's baby dedication and of course I need to make sure that the house is clean and presentable. I am still not done cleaning but i am almost there..just need to clean the bathroom and steam the carpet and redusting the furnitures and I am done. I am planning to be done and have everything ready on friday. Crossing my fingers to that because it is not really easy to clean the house when you have two boys to take care of.

lapel pins

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conference calls

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