Thursday, December 29, 2011

carhartt jeans

Are you tired of buying jeans and for only few wears, there it is ruined and unwearable? I am. If it wont get too tight, it will get faded immediately. Well, if you friends have the same problem like me, i think we need to start buying carhartt jeans. carhartt jeans is the kind of jeans that purposely made to last. and the price is not that expensive too. you can get a pair for only 28 dollars. We do really need to stop spending money buying the jeans that wont last long. I am into saving money so i will buy a product that will last for a long time.

Got what I want for christmas!

I happen to post on my facebook page the camera bag that i really really want to get. I actually put it there in purpose for my husband to read. When my husband told me to go ahead and buy the bag. so my dismay, the bag is already out of stocked. i was so depressed and kind of sad. I dont know of anything that i want him to buy for christmas. I kind of okay, just give me some money then.

Christmas morning, when its time to open the gift, my mother in law handed me my gift and when i open it, there the bag that i want. the same color and everything. I was so happy and yup, i do have a merry christmas. Hope all of you out there have the same too.:)