Saturday, July 14, 2012

Looking for a gift to my husband is always a challenge for me. See, my husband is hard to please with. it is maybe because he almost have everything that he wanted the reason why he feel like he dont need anything at all. Well as a wife, it is always a headache for me to look for a certain thing that will please him specially on special occasion. i dont like it that he has something to give to me and I dont have anything to give to him. This is the reason why I so happy when i found this a perfect website to visit if you are looking for a perfect gift to give to your husband. Now i know where to go!


I know i should not be complaining because once you have a morning sickness it only mean one thing, the baby inside of you is doing okay and is developing well the reason why your body reacted that way. But seriously! i cant get used of this heartburn feeling that I am having right now. i dont know what to do. i took two tums already and still it did not help. with my two boys i just ate banana and it always help with my heartburn but now, even if i ate plenty of banana it wont help at all. ahhh i have few more weeks to go still i pass this morning sickness stage and i cant really wait! 


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been throwing up like crazy!

I am having the worst morning sickness so far. with my three boys, i never remember throwing up like this one. i feel like throwing up but not to the point that I will actually throw up. but with this baby I actually throw up. Do you think this is the sign that i will be having a baby girl soon. ohh well, few more months and we will know if we will have a girl or boy. but I am really praying for a healthy baby girl and hope God will grant my wish:)