Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Sweet potatoe pandesal

I have been craving for my favorite rolls in the philippines. I am not the kind of person that loves to cook but i need to if you lived thousand miles away from your country. Well, i found the sweet potatoe pandesal recipe online and wanted to give it a try. My bread turns out good when it comes to taste but boy, they are really huge. My husband was laughing when he saw my doughs. Ohh well i dont wanna throw it. it is not for sale though so i dont care if they are huge. They going to be the same shape when it arrives to my stomach. it is not only me who love the bread but also my son. He already et 4 huge piece of my rolls and still wanted to eat more. Now, my rolls are almost out. we only have few left for tomorrow.

flash drive

I am so happy to finally found the kind of usb flash drive that i wanted. I love to take pictures and i really need a flash drive for it. I already lost a lot of cute pictures of my son when he was little. now, that I am pregnant again, i will definitely make sure that i will have my own flash drive before i deliver the baby. I want to make sure that i have enough room to store my pictures and not lost it if when my computer got virus.That is actually one of the advantage if you store your files in a flash drive. you can bring it with you wherever you wanna go and used it anytime you wanted.

Code Red!

I got a phone from our denton county emergency allert today that we are having a code red alert for the weather .Severe thunderstorm is coming and they wanted the people to know for them to try to just stay inside the house for safety. Well I am not planning of going out though. the rain is pouring so hard outside and i hate driving in the rain. So i would rather stay at home and enjoy watching my show. My husband in the other hand is so very hard headed. We already get a code read alert and here he is, still want to go out and play basketball with his friends. I told him maybe his friends wont play today because of the weather. Well, he never listen to me. He'll come home if he found out that he is the only one in the basketball court. Well the gym is just close to our house so I am not worried of him driving in this kind of weather.

custom labels for your company!

If you own a company, you sure need to have a custom labels for your products or maybe any properties that you company own. This way, you can let the people know that your company own that product or property. It is also a kind of advertisement specially if the people like your product. They wanna know who made it and would wanna make sure that they get the same item with the same company. As a buyers, If i love that item, i usually checked the name of the company first. I wanna make sure that i get the same item in the same manufacturer. then, i can be sure that i got what I want.

Therefore, if you are a company owner or maybe just started a business and need somebody to do your custom labels for your company, you sure need to visit this website They can definitely help you. Data Graphics Inc. pretty much can do all kinds of custom labels whether if it is for Industrial,commercial or maybe military used. and of course they will do your labels exactly the way you want it.

By visiting the website you can see the sample of their works. you will surely be impressed when you see it.if you also have some questions, you can also give their website a visit and they will definitely help you get the answer you need.

Comfortable scrubs uniform for you!

If you are a nurse,CNA or maybe care givers, you sure do need scrubs uniform to wear at work. I do understand how hard it is so find the perfect and comfortable scrubs for you to wear. I am not a nurse nor work in any medical field that require to wear scrub uniforms but I used to accompany my friends that are a nurse when they shop for their uniforms. We will spent at least hours in the store before she can pick the perfect color and the kind of clothing she wanted to buy. plus, most of my friends are skinny and sometimes the store dont have any available sized that will fit for them. The reason why, every time they found scrubs that will fit them , they 'll buy it all.

Today, I am so excited when i happen to visit this website If you are a nurse, caregivers or if you work in the place that requires to wear scrub uniforms or medical coats, this website is definitely for you. The website offers scrub uniforms that you would love to wear. Not only that their product are made with a high quality of clothing material to make you feel comfortable but also their scrubs will make you look good and beautiful.

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I am excited to tell my nurse friends about the website. I am sure they will be happy and will really love the product the moment they saw their scrubs for women at the website.