Tuesday, September 20, 2011

will never use HOME DEPOT again!

I went to home depot last week and complained about the squeaking and cracking sound of our newly installed engineered wood. They send out the same people that install our wood last friday and we showed him some parts of the wood that making some weird noise and you even can see the wood move. It seems like the two planks were not properly attached. few minutes after, he let us sign saying that they came over and look at the wood. some people will call us and we will start from there what to do. OMG. two days came nobody called. I went to home depot to ask. the home depot lady told me that the COOPER FLOORING give them a note that the wood is installed correctly and there's nothing wrong with it. I am not really happy. we've been to a lot of stressed dealing with home depot people.

Friends, if i were you, never use home depot if you decide to do some house renovation. They will not respect you and if you have complaint, they will not help you to resolve it. We will never use home depot again,ever!