Saturday, March 10, 2012

mesa safes

mesa safes are commonly found in some offices. some people own this kind of safe in their house to keep their important documents and materials. and i can blame them. if you friend have something really important and you think no one should ever get a hold of it except you, then you really need to get a mesa safe. This website offers all kinds of mesa safes if you friends need one. you can chose you selection from prices or by locked. if are looking a fire proof mesa safe then the website is definitely the website for you.


Me and my friend were planning to attend a sport feast held in san antonio. Few days before the date me sons got sick so i was not sure if i will go or not but fortunately my two boys seems to be fine last friday so I decided to just go ahead and attend the said feast. Well this morning my husband called me telling me that my son had a slight fever. i was really worried, i wanna go home but i cant. san antonio is like 6 hours drive from our house. i just felt relief when my husband called me again this evening telling me that the baby is now doing i can sleep peacefully.