Thursday, August 12, 2010

Free HD for life! cool!

Just last week, I was complaining to my husband with the amount of money we pay for our cable tv. My goodness, I just dont know what we did wrong why we ended up paying sometimes more than 200 dollars a month. We using the service of verizon fios right now and as far as I remember we subscribed their 99 dollars a month package. I just dont understand why the heck out bill reaches up to 200?. Well I told my husband that i think it is about time for us to look for another provider for our tv.

Just today i found out that Direct TV by DirectSatTV does actually offers the best service and their Direct TV packages by DirectSatTV are so very affordable. Just imagine you can have all the HD channel you want for only 54 dollars a month. as in wow! i was really amazed. Plus, if you will subscribed right now, you can have your 5 month of service for free. yup! you read it right. you dont have to pay anything. I really get excited and i will definitely talk to my husband about it. pretty much i have all the information and website to show to him and also i can show him and let him read their government dish rules for him to give him self some peace of mind.

If you friends are interested with the service, just go ahead and give this website a visit. I am sure you will be impressed on what you're going to see. Enjoy!