Friday, January 25, 2013

So full!

I just had the best dinner so far. one roll of beef fajitas is all it takes to complete my day. as what i said, i am into beef lately. I am really full and i hope my sugar wont go up like crazy when i checked it two house after. if it is high, well i have to do my exercise again before i sleep. last night my sugar was up to 145 but i did not exercise because i was really tired. i checked this morning and it went down to 87 which is really a good number. I am really trying my best to control my sugar but if i cant do it, i might as well asked my doctor for some medicine.

craving for beef lately!

I noticed that lately, i really love to eat beef specially grilled beef. I know its kind of expensive, the reason why i am so happy when my husband bought me my own grill and i can just grill my own beef. but you know sometimes, i dont like to cook. I just want to go to restaurant, sit down and eat. if your belly is so big you dont really want to stand for a long time and cook right? but to save some money, i have to cook my own beef. ohh well, i am learning at least. I still dont know how to get the right meat and how to seasoned it but i know sooner or later, i will get that right and perfect taste:)

robern medicine cabinets from

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got another baby shower!

I am really so happy to have been blessed with a lot of friends. I already have a baby shower with my filipino friends that lived closed to me and now, my church family member wanted to throw a baby shower party for my 3rd baby boy tomorrow. I was really touched and humbled. I know i dont need a baby shower because i have another boy on the way. but they are really nice and kind enough to throw another shower for me. so now i am excited to see what will i get tomorrow for the baby.

He is going to be big!

I am 35 weeks running to 36 weeks and my baby is already measuring 6lbs and 2 oz. I am indeed a little bit worried. babies tend to grow a half pound a week so I am thinking of having an 8 pounds baby. I just dont understand how to push him out. i did my part. I exercise a lot and really control my food intake and monitor my blood sugar. but recently i have a high number and that is not really good. Well, i just really need to be careful. I am always hungry but if i eat a lot i really felt guilty. I just tell to myself, I did all of these things for my coming baby.

triangle direct media

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I am counting days till i can say my third baby. I am really getting excited. I know i am going to have another boy but still i am excited to see how he look like. I am just praying that he is going to be healthy and no complication. and also my delivery is safe and fast. We'll few more days to go. I am really, really excited!