Sunday, October 28, 2012

Back to back party!

I am trying my hardest to control my sugar and measure my carbohydrates intake because of my diabetes, but how would you do that if your friends will keep inviting you to a party. I was about to say no but you know my son will be very disappointed since it is his friends birth day party. ahhh i just really need to control myself and make sure i walked alot if i ate a lot at the party too. I hate diabetes! i can do anything but to obey what my doctor say for my son's sake:)(

platinum coins

My husband loves to collect coins. He already has plenty of it and I think he is still collecting until now. anyway, i found this platinum coins from this website and i told to myself, the coins will make a perfect gift to my husband on our anniversary and maybe will buy some more for christmas. Now, i get excited because i have been looking for the perfect gift to give him on our anniversary:)

Off to the zoo today!

We are planning to bring the little ones to the zoo today. hmm hopefully the weather will cooperate. it supposed to be 65 degrees today so i am kind of hoping the the wind is not the cold and the sun will go up to keep us warm while strolling around the zoo. It is  my isaacs 2nd birthday and we are plannign to celebrate my son's bday at the zoo since he is into animals. we will see what happena nd if the weather will cooperate.

ach training

If you own a business, specially if your selling products or maybe doing services to the other people, i think you need to make sure that your customer can pay you in any form of payments whether it is in the form of cash or electronic payment. not having that option might cost you losing tons of customers. That's why this website is offering you a ach training for you be able to understand everything about payment option. the training is easy and I am sure it can help your business to be successful!