Monday, April 26, 2010

Orlando vacation

Since I arrived here in USA, i have been dreaming and wanting to see the beauty of Florida specially in Orlando. We do have plan to go there but I know its going to be soon because of my situation. I dont wanna travel with an infant or toddle. So, maybe when my second baby will turn 4 or 5. At least we have plenty of time to save money for the trip. Though our trip is not gonna be soon it is indeed ideal to do some research of the place right?also try to get an idea on where we can save some money on our trip. This is the reason why I am very pleased to stumble on this website The website will let you pick a place to stay and save a lot of money on your Orlando vacation. If you friends are planning to be in florida soon. You really need to give the website a visit and you will be thankful that you do. Right now, they have a lot of good deals going that you friends would really want to avail. I will surely save this website and will use it for our trip to florida.

The worst part is almost over!

I am so very excited!This week should be my 12 weeks of pregnancy means am about to finished or pass my first trimester of pregnancy..weehh.I am really happy. Not only that the danger time is over but also the worst part of being pregnant too. This pregnancy of mine right now is not really easy. I throw up at least once a day to the point that my throat will bleed. It is not really easy. Now I am looking forward to the better days of my pregnancy. I was reading an article only and it says that throwing up should be gone after first trimester if you are not unlucky..I am praying and hoping that things will be okay after this week.

vitamins & minerals

Now that I am pregnant, I really need to make sure that i have enough vitamins & minerals and minerals for my baby's development. This is the reason why I am taking a multivitamins tablet made for pregnant woman. Taking vitamins should not only be done if you get pregnant. Most of us need to have at least take one multivitamin tablet a day. This should help us feel healthy. I know that most of us are so lazy even taking vitamins. but we really need to encourage ourself to take one. our food right now is not enough source for us to get the vitamins that we need in our body. the reason why we need to take a supplement tablet. And talking about vitamins.I found this perfect website to visit all their products are guaranteed to work. You can be assure that you can have the essential vitamins that you body needed. If you wanna be healthy, then you should give the website a visit right now!