Saturday, October 18, 2008

Rupert - tiny deer

This tiny deer was delivered by Cesarean section at a wildlife hospital after his mother was killed by a car.

Little Rupert, who is so small he can fit in an adult's hand, was born after vets failed in their battle to save his mother

At just six inches tall and weighing just over a pound, he is now in an incubator in the Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital in Buckinghamshire.

What a cute little creature. I am really praying that he will survived and be able to enjoy life for he also has a right to lived here in this world.


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It is over!

Just recently, I was addicted to this show Dyesebel. A story of a mermaid fall in love to a man. I know mermaid and mermen are not real but I just like the story plus the actors and actresses in the show were my favorites too. I spent few weeks trying to catch watching the episode that I missed. Now, the show was officially over. the ending was indeed good. I dont really regret spending some of my time watching the show. hopefully the staff of GMA will come with another story for dingdong and marian. I really love their love team and will surely missed them a lot. Ohh well, my show did help me keep my day running here. It is indeed not easy to be far away from my homeland philippines. So everytime I watch my filipino show, I feel like I am home.