Saturday, December 08, 2012

color guard uniforms at WWBW

My son is into playing guitar right now. I bought him a very cheap guitar available for him to practice and seems that he really like it. I just need to spent time teaching him some basic chords for him to learn how to use his guitar to accompany some songs. If i can see that he really wanted to learn how to play his guitar, i think i need to enroll him into a guitar lesson too. I am indeed in the process of shopping for a new guitar for him just in case. I wanted to get him a good guitar and i definitely now know a certain place where to go and get it. I really love my son to know how to play at least one musical instrument and i am sure you mothers out there can relate too.i even wanted to see him in a marching band playing drums or any band instruments specially when i saw this color guard uniforms at WWBW. Well i guess i just need to push my son and encourage him.