Friday, December 14, 2012

finally own it!

I have been wanting to own a samsung galaxy s3 phone and my dream finally came true. I finally own the phone and so far i love it. its fast and very good looking phone too. the camera and video has a lot of features that user can enjoy. at first i worry about the battery but now that i got a new battery i am sure i will enjoy my phone better. i cant wait to play with it and learn more about it.


We all know that cigarette is not good for our health but still i know plenty of people who are using it. I cant blame them. smoking can be addicting and if you are hooked to it, it will be hard for you to let go of it. But you should not stop smoking immediately, you have to do it gradually i think. maybe you can smoke one or two Cohiba cigars but i tell you friends, you really need to make sure that you are able to overcome your smoking problem before its too late.


Just today, while i was driving to lewisville, i almost meet an accident. it was raining so hard so i decided to just use the service road. i drove like 30 miles per hour in 45 mile per hour road and still, i was not able to control the break. my husband said that i press the break so hard which cause my car to spin around. i was just lucky that their are no cars around me and the cars behind me was immidiately stop their car too. i was really scared and try to make sure that i will arrived in my destination safely. I thank God for protecting me. called my husband so that i will calm down. I was really shaking but so far i was able to come home safe and sound and in one piece:)

here for rapid test

As we all know, every time you apply for a new job you always have to undergo for a medical test and drug test is one of them. So if you have  a clinic that's authorized to preform a series of drug test, I am sure you need to have gadgets and things that you need to get an accurate result. and when it comes to rapid drug test supply, you can always count this website .here for rapid test supplies you can be assure that the website has the product available for you to buy. In order for you to do the test well which is very important, you also need to have the right equipment. you can always count the for that.

Getting big!

I feel like I am really really huge right now. I am on my third trimester with my 3rd baby and i really feel like i am bigger this time compared to my first two pregnancy. I even dont know how to lose this baby fat that i gained but i will just worry that when the baby is out. for now i will concentrate with giving birth and getting ready for the baby to arrived