Wednesday, May 09, 2012

queen size kids bedding

I have been looking for the perfect queen size kids bedding for my kids room. I went to walmart, target and stores that sells bedding but i could not find the one that i really want. The thing is, I dont care if i will spent a lot of money as long as the bedding was made in a good fine quality material. it is so happen that i visit this website i was browsing their website and was impressed with the designs of their beddings. infact, my son already have one that he likes. yup! he is that quick. Well I will maybe try to order one and crossed my fingers that the quality is good so that i dont have to return it:)

finally packed and ready to go!

Finally after few days of packing and unpacking I am finally done packing for the things that i need to bring to my trip in Italy. I am really excited and cant sleep because of excitement:)..I am sure i will going to have a blast in there and I am sure I will enjoy every minute and seconds of my stay in there. I will miss my kids but this is once in a lifetime trip so I will just enjoy it. I cant really wait and I am so ready for this trip to start!